Russell (he/they) is a 22-year-old writer and journalist from the Philippines. He is currently a Digital Communications Specialist at Rappler and used to work as a Multimedia Reporter for BusinessWorld, covering the House of Representatives and the Commission on Audit. Russell graduated Honorable Mention from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communications Technology Management in 2021.

Russell believes in the power of storytelling in creating meaningful and sustainable change for an interconnected future, regardless if what he writes range from the latest cultural trends, economic issues, to even current events.

Russell is also an advocate for mental health and inclusive transportation. This portfolio contains most of his works as a journalist, content producer, and social media manager. You may find his favorites by going to Russell's Picks.

Should you have tips, leads, suggestions, or an interest in working with Russell, you may email him through or Aside from the listed social media accounts found in the site, you can also reach Russell through Mastodon at

Russell's Latest Pick:

How a fresh graduate convinced QC gov’t to make new pedestrian lanes in Katipunan

'All I really wanted to do was to show others that things do still work at the local government level, which is usually presumed to not be working, or which does not listen to people,' says Francis Caiga
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